All about Exploring Lands By Bali Cycling

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  • Oct 28, 2022

Bali cycling is one of the most-awaited things in Bali. Everyone is amazed by Bali Cycling especially the certain parts that are offering the way that people holds anniversary. Bali cycling offers the way to get to certain place with camera.

Below are parts about Bali Cycling that you cannot expect to get together.

Cycling in Bali

The landscape in Bali is notably prefect for cycling. People can track the trails while also enjoying the wonderful view of greenery around. Further, Bali has already a heavy traffic in the town and city, making visitors look for another spot to bike without crowd.

In this regard, there are so many options to choose for cycling in Bali. If you want to experience the historical track, you can bike along the way of Pura Besakih either to visit the temple or just to go cycling. Of you want to enjoy the wonderful rice fields, then you can take your bicycle to Ubud which is great for rice fields. Meanwhile, if you prefer the breathtaking track, the way to Ginung Agung, Batur and Kintamani is considered the best to take. 

Best Time for Cycling In Bali

Bali cycling is considered perfect in dry season. In this way, April and September are the good to enjoy the beaches after cycling. On the other hand, if you go cycling in October to March, it isn’t a good idea since the rainy seasons can make you wet. Further, the weather can be so cool, making it unsuitable for cycling.

Hence, we recommend you to take the Bali cycling routes in the end or beginning of the rainy season. This period, the skies are cloudy and the rain intensity is relatively low.

Safety Tips and Comfort

Cycling in Bali must be comfortably, great and unforgettable. Thus, you can follow the cycling tips to go on track in Bali. We have a few tips on how to have the most unforgettable moment of cycling:

  • Take your bicycle and check it to know whether the brakes can works properly based on cycling requirements.
  • Make sure you have gathered information as much as possible before going on the track. Are the road’s condition fit you? Are they suitable for your cycling ability? Make sure you can handle the roads.
  • Wear your won helmet and gloves to provide yourself with a good protection.
  • It is highly recommended that you ride in the left side. Indonesia suggests that everyone talk a walk of in the left side.
  • If you see there are some baskets in front of your bike, don’t put too much attention. Just go cycling along with your bike as it is snatches on either bike or motorcycle. Well, all biker has already known what things are going to happen.

All in all, Bali Cycling is another good idea. That is even one of the most popular activities you mustn’t miss out when visiting the island of paradise.

So when will you go to Bali this year?

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